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Nash, Marion end Mavericks season

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Fri May 20th, 2005 11:44 pm


  1. Chris said:
    June 2nd, 2005 5:01 pm

    Mavs have a number of problems, but lots of positive things to build around. First, a solid core of young players: Dirk, Howard, Terry, Daniels, Harris. None of these players should be going anywhere anytime soon and should all be very serious contributors for the foreseeable future. In addition they have some veteran players who can still contribute to some extent: Finley, Stackhouse, Dampier, Henderson, Bradley, Van Horn Armstrong. Aside from being sure to keep either Finley or Stackhouse, any of the above I could really take or leave.

    If I’m Mark Cuban or Avery, I’m looking to develop a young center, and I’m looking for a more distribution conscious point guard. I’m not intimately familiar with the contract situations of the Mavericks players, but from what I understand, Michael Finley’s is a difficult contract to trade or eat. Sounds like for at least one more year, we’re stuck with him. Oh well, I hope he doesn’t mind a less significant role then.

    Jason Terry isn’t a starting point guard, that much is clear, but I think he’s more than just lightning in a bottle off of the bench. Actually, I’d say at worst, he’s a sixth man, and at best, he’s a starting shooting guard. Really, maybe the Mavs need a player who can run the point from the 2 spot, so Terry doesn’t become a mismatch and a liability on defense. Either way, the Mavs need someone in the starting lineup that averages more than 5.4 Assists per game (Terry led the Mavs in assists at this precise rate).

    It’s so true that the Mavs had the very player that they need and lost him, but there’s no sense crying over spilled milk.

    There are really two ways to play this if you’re Mark Cuban. The first is to really commit to youth; get rid of Bradley, Stackhouse OR Finley but NOT both, Van Horn, and commit to giving players like Harris, Daniels, and Mbenga a larger role. Keep cheap guys like Henderson and Armstrong, and maybe sign a few more blue collar type players. I guess keeping Dampier would be good too.

    The other would be similar, but more Cuban like and that would be to acquire a big name PG and a reasonably big name inside presence, either at PF or C. What would Golden State’s asking price be for Baron Davis? On a more conservative level, what might be New Orleans asking prices for players like Speedy Claxton or PJ Brown? Would Toronto ever dream of trading Chris Bosh? (Ok now I’m just being silly).

    In any case, the Mavs future is looking up, in my estimation. Dirk, Terry, Stackhouse, Howard, Daniels, Harris are all approaching or near after their primes. A few minor adjustments here or there, and another piece or two emerging from the roster or coming this offseason, and the Mavs could be in a position to get over the hump next year. Dirk’s approach to offense is maturing and that’s scary. If he can learn to play with his back to the basket, he could be even better than he is now, and that is scary.

  2. Chris said:
    June 2nd, 2005 5:03 pm

    and aside from the unfortunate redundancy at the end of my comment, I’m reasonably satisfied (stupid not having an edit option)

  3. Andrew said:
    June 2nd, 2005 5:33 pm

    Great comments — you’re right to look at the bright side. I was really frustrated when that last post was made, and it showed in the negativity.

    I really do love this team — and they do have a lot of upside. I like your idea of the 2 that can run the point. That leaves Terry able to score from the 1 but not making him be a distributor, and gives Harris another year to develop. I don’t really like Terry at the 2, he’d be too small. With Harris and Terry in together, they get really small. Too small, I think. Man, I’d give my left testicle for Chris Bosh. Hell, is there any way we can convince Chris Young to go two way?

    Dampier disappointed me, and so did Finley. Finley just had surgery on his ankle, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better 05-06. I just don’t see a lot of productivity out of him any more. I’d start Stack in front of him, at this point (as much as I love Michael Finley).

    With the roster as it is right now, I’d throw out a starting 5 of Harris, Stack, Howard, Dirk, Damp. Terry 6th man, with Finley 6.5th man. I want to see Daniels get more PT again, too — 6.75th man. Van Horn is a nice bench option, too — 6.9214th man, or maybe 6.65th man, depending on the opponent.. Maybe Daniels is that 2 guard that can run the O? I think Terry and Daniels together could be a good combo.

    I donno that an old veteran PG will really help the Mavs — they’d just take minutes away from Harris. Harris is this team’s future — the distributing, electrifying point guard they need.

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