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The below was true as of 2005. It’s not anymore. Andrew Kaufmann is a Dallas-based freelance web programmer, designer, writer, and enertainer. By night, he is a member of the Dr Pepper Dallas Mavericks Hoop Troop, helping to entertain and excite crowds at Dallas Mavericks home games (and trying not to look too silly doing it). He’s gotten to be on court and on camera during the NBA Finals, and couldn’t be happier about the experience.

By day, he is currently spending much of his time inside the heavily guarded walls of the giant Texas Instruments technological compound (ok, technically, he’s at a satellite office building guarded by a nice lady named Leslie at the front desk, but that’s neither here nor there) acting as a web programmer.

He is 27 years old and has bachelors degrees in English (with a specialization in creative writing) and Computer Science from Southern Methodist University.  His past activities have included founding video game web sites, writing for EGM and Official Dreamcast Magazine, working at a graphics software development company, being a columnist for the SMU Daily Campus, playing in a band called Double Agent, refereeing youth sports, and probably other things he’s forgotten but are no less significant.  And you never know when he’ll do one of them again, right?  He sometimes longs to pick up a whistle and striped shirt…

Word on the street is that he needs a haircut but is otherwise a fine citizen that enjoys hearing from you.

UPDATE: I have cut my hair.

Updated: 2005-06-08

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: My hair is shaggy again.

Updated: 2006-01-03

About the site

Why Lunar Adventures? Well, why not? Have YOU tried finding an available domain name these days? Andrew couldn’t even get .com; he had to settle for .net.

But seriously, he likes the name. The site covers a myriad of topics as Andrew adventures through the world, so to speak, and while most of the adventures do take place on Earth, dreams and imaginings aren’t limited in such a way.

Also, his favorite band on is R.E.M. One of his favorite R.E.M. songs? Man on the Moon. My name? Andy Kaufmann. What is Man on the Moon (both the movie and the song) about? Andy Kaufman.

See? It all makes sense.



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That having been said, I’m all about fair use. Quote this stuff, link to it, and do whatever else makes you happy. As long as you don’t just take it. Because that’s not cool. And not being cool is so not cool, you know?